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What is for ?

Our experience in project management taught us that the burndown chart was a very powerful tool for the team if displayed on the Scrum Board, not hidden in an app.

We developped this generator to easily create a burndown chart for each sprint for our own needs. And we thought that it could be cool to share it online. That’s it. Enjoy it, it’s free!

What is SCRUM?

SCRUM is a projet management methodological framework.

To learn more about SCRUM, you can visit our website. The link is just below!

What is a burndown chart?

In the methodological framework SCRUM, a project is divided in development cycles called sprints. Each sprint is composed of several user stories which discribe the user needs.

At the beginning of the sprint, the team gives points to each user story to evaluate it. By adding the user story points of the sprint, the team gets the total number of points it has to develop during the sprint.

The burndown chart will allow the team to mesure the work done: every day, the team mark down the points of the stories that have been done. The team can then see the evolution of the work done day after day.

Who’s behind was produced par EFIDEV, an consulting company specialised in Agile Projet Management and developped by ATTRAKTIV, a development studio which work with SCRUM. If you want to know more about us, come take a look at our website or give us a call!